How do people with aspergers act different from people that don't? I have a ex boyfriend that has asbergers and gets mad when I don't forgive him?

When I am mad at him he donesnt know untiail I tell him and he keeps on dong it
It when we both liked each others
When we both like each other he always goes to a different girl and dates her


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  • Some people with that act different than others do

    • Just like people with Bipolar some are sweet hearts
      while others are very hard to get along with it all depends
      on the severity of the illness and the person them self
      Just like my late maternal grandma had Alzheimer's diseases
      not one time was my grandma happy she cried all the time
      was very aggressive and her sister had the same exact
      disease and was laughing, happy, full of life but lived in
      her own world

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    • Awe I won't, he's not the guy for me anyway. thamks! :)

    • You're welcome you are very pretty young woman
      you can get any guy

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  • Sounds like pretty standard behavior by most guy's standards :)


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  • It depends on each person. My ex who also has it, was shy, but also friendly.
    The way he was raised also affects, mine was raised as a normal person, no special treating.

    • True I font know he treats me like I always second we'll he did and dates all of the girls