How to approach a cute girl and tell her you want to get to know her?

If this seems at all creepy I don't really know a good way to put it. I don't know at all how the Female brain works and whenever I see a cute girl I usually never say anything. I don't try to break out of my shell at school unless I'm around my friends. I'm a fun guy to be around with my friends and outgoing, but when i'm not with my friends i'm really quiet. I have plenty of friends that are girls that I talk to but the ones I find good looking I just don't know how to approach them. I'm very self conscience and shy.


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  • First of all, shy guys can be attractive to girls, so don't feel too bad about it...
    You don't seem like you have a bad personality either...
    Next, approaching a girl is probably hard. Especially when it's a girl that you like!
    However, I shall give you a few steps of how to approach a girl!

    1) Say a simple hi or a hello.
    By doing this, you will have a good beginning start. (Also, not making you seem creepy.)
    2) Give yourself a good impression!
    Relax, give a good posture, and be positive! (Being fun and concentrating on topics that the girls likes to talk about is great)
    3) Ask her questions.
    Such as her hobbies, how she is doing, and anything that isn't too personal should be okay..
    4) If you found a topic you guys are both interested, talk about it!
    It's your time to shine! Talk about your interest and be fun about it.
    5) Be yourself!
    From what you told me, you are outgoing and fun to be around with! Anyone would want to hand out with you if those are your personality traits!
    6) If you think you're in a good relationship with her, try asking number!
    This is hard I know! However, it might work!

    Well those are my steps.. Hope it works out and good luck!


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  • I would like it for a guy to approach me unexpectedly. Do it and come up to her more often :) good luck

  • talk to her on social media first and then when you feel that you know her quite well, start coming up to her in class and stuff

  • Say something nice people tell me cute things all the time just dont be creepy


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  • So are you wanting to approach a girl in your group of friends or a girl that you don't know previously?

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