Girl I met has a boyfriend, and I have a BIG interest in her.

Ok, so yesterday I was at my cousins wedding, I met this girl there who was not related to the bride or groom, and I was related to the groom. I asked the girl to dance and she said yes without reluctance, so I talk to her and get her name and where she lives and all that. that night asked her if she'd want to get together sometime and do something (Universal so it can sound and be a date but it doesn't have to be a date kind of thing). She said sure and told me to add her on Facebook.

so today I add her on Facebook and send her a pm. After a few minutes I checked her profile and her relationship status says "It's complicated". So I continue to talk to her and I have fallen in love with her, every time she looks at me my chest pounds, my heart gets hot and I get clammy, I really want to ask her out but I'm not sure of what's going on between her and her boyfriend.

Should I ask her to hang out first, Then I can find out what the deal is with her bf? Or should I just ask her out and see what she says?

I really want to go out with this girl but I'm scared she might get angry if I ask her out and she has a committed bf

by the way, I'm 16 and she's 15


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  • If she's in a relationship, just continue and be her friend.

    I know at 16 you don't get that many opportunities outside of your school to meet girls but she's in a relationship which needs to end before anything happens with you.

    Another thing to think about is if she cheats on him or has a fling thing with you, what do you think she'll do with you when you guys hit a bump in the road?

    Ask her this: "Do you have a boy friend?" If she says yes, then just be cool with it. She knows you're interested.

    • I was going to ask her if she wanted to hsng out with me sometime this weekend. Should I tell her hoe I feel about her? That I would go out with her if she ever broke up with her bf, and all that?

      or should I just wait and see what happens.

      PS. I'm from a small school and I know everyone to well to date them, so I rarely get to meet new girls like this, could that be part of the reason I'm so attracted to her?

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    • Thanks for the help man, appreciate it

    • Good luck, things will happen when/if the time is right.