Why so much persitance in rushing into it?

Crossed paths with some guy who is totally blown out of the water with me and how different I am than everyone else who he has dated... he asks me what it is I want and I honestly say "I am opened on dating and seeing where it goes, goal is to be in a long term relationship"... I have come across him once in a while and have said HI & BYE but today was our first long, keep it honest, all over the place conversation for a minute!!!

HE SAYS WELL LET'S COMMIT TO DATE AND GO LONG term... I'm right in front of you so take it! You want SERIOUS LONG TERM AND I'M THAT MAN... JUMP ON IT!!!

WHY THE URGE/ PERSISTANCE? IS HE PLAYing games or he is trying to show me that he is ready for something that I am asking for? (I'm taken back!!!)


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  • Sounds like he likes you, doesn't wanna lose you, and is trying to get you hooked instantly.

    Moving wayyyyy too fast.


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