What am I supposed to do? She's running away?

This girl and I met through work. Our first Time working together we clicked instantly. So much so that she decided we should go out and by fish together. I really like her and when I asked her on a date, she said yes as it turns out she liked me just as much. So we went on our date and it was wonderful I have never seen someone so happy as much as she was. We were supposed to go on a second date and now all of a sudden she's telling me she can't handle it and won't go through with us dating anymore. She has a very, very rough history with past relationships (something I've kept in mind). What should I do? I can't just let her go I've never clicked with someone so well and been so happy in the month we've known each other.


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  • Oh dear lord I hope you won't go through what I went through.. :( I totally liked a guy.. He was absolutely adorable... I fell for him HARD and... He ran away TWICE and finally he was gone POOF. I had so much chemistry with him that it was ahh.. but he had a girlfriend (which I later found out)? I haven't confirmed it but I think he had one.. hence why he left cause he felt guilty probably... But I really hope it doesn't happen to you... I don't know hwat you are supposed to do.. Ask her out? Beg for a chance... but really you run the risk of turning her off more... If she really likes you then she will accept if you ask her out.. Tell her "I'm not like other guys, I will treat you right." Maybe it'll work or something more SUBTLE like "Can I come over and _____ (fill with something you can do for her) for example "Can I come over and give you a foot massage?" I would try to get her back by offering to do something for HER.. People are selfish they like to be pampered and babied lol (at least me) so say "Hey can I help you around your house with any chores you need done?" I dont know seems stupid but offer her something that YOU can give HER and that may soften her heart up a tad... lol

    Also... umm what are you supposed to do? Just be a man throughout.. Do the right thing. Tell her straight up you are not playing games tell her how you feel.. TELL HER that you REALLY like her. if she declines you 24/7 there's something else she's not telling you, maybe she's not 100 percent interested as you may think.. maybe she's holding back for a really STUPID reason... let me explain..

    When I was about 22 years old I was in an acting class and there was an 18 year old guy in there who had a crush on me lol and I spent a lot of time with him and was crushing on him a teensy bit but I always held my feelings back.. WHy? Becuase he was kinda weird lol in a strange way so I thought I could get somebody better.. but at times I think of him

    • To finish what I was saying.. At times I think of him and I wonder "What is he doing?" or "How did he handle me not giving him a chance and just leaving him like I did with no option of a future" and I think "Wow I could of had a boyfriend by now.. God gave me him.. but I Just BLEW my chance." so she may be rejecting you for REALLY stupid reasons that she'll probably later regret lol but don't make her regret them :) just man up, ask her out again, and try to be a part of her life if you really like her but like I said if she's rejecting you.. STILL there's something she is NOT telling you either to spare your feelings or so she won't seem like a jerk or its something deeper? I don't know but she's not telling you something if you are constantly rejected without a reason

  • Have patience with her. Say it's fine but you want to remain as friends. Continue the friendship and hopefully she'll change her mind :)


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