So there's this girl im interested in?

So there is a girl who I've always kept my eye on but never really pursued, she just came out of a, i guess an abusive relationship and about a week after she starts messaging me like ALOT! Im a pretty sweet guy, im a listener i suppose... Does this mean she just needs someone to talk to to cope with it or does it mean that she might actually have a crush/ like me?


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  • I was in an abusive relationship myself so I think I can give a little advice. Right now she probably wants to talk to you and for you to comfort her. Were you two friends before? I think she sees something in you she likes but take things slow. You don't want to be her rebound guy and you need to make sure she is over the abuse or your relationship with her will not last long.

    • Okay, that seems like a good answer. Thank you ^^

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    • Ill post an update later on to say if you said was right :)

    • Alright im back like i said i would be lol. So... She said she was tired last night and she disnt know why, i said "no idea : /", and right after that she says "a pic for you" and sent me a pic of her absolutly stunning chesticles!! Mind telling me what this means? Is this abgood or bad thing? :)

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  • you said she has just come out of a abusive relationship so she probably needs someone to talk to now, she might like you in that way but you should probably wait a bit to see that as you don't want to be a rebound.

    • I personally dont think it was "mega abusive" but the dude was pretty mean no less. But ya your probably right, but she shares "personal" (dirty things 😏) info with me too so it sort of seems like a mixed message to me! Got any thoughts on that?

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