Why would he say this but still wanna be with me?

A couple nights ago my bf and I were talking about how we never do it anymore. His reasons were some nights he is just tired, not in the mood, because I fight with him, or sometimes I just don't turn him on... I asked him about it last night n he denies saying I don't turn him on sometimes. Why would he deny it now? And why would he still be with me if I dont? He tells me he is still attracted to me so idk.

Can anyone help me with this?
Can someone please give some advice for this :)


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  • Maybe what he wanted to say the previous night was that he could not be turned on. You know, in general. Not that it's because of you. Despite the common myth that we are thinking about sex 24/7 we all have some periods of time where we just don't feel horny. It's not the girl's (your) fault. It just happens to everyone sometimes and it goes away.
    You mentioned fighting. How about for a day or two you try to be slightly nicer and tender towards him Then you can try some light foreplay and see how it goes? You know, fighting can be a major turn off for a lot of people. And many times all it takes is a little apology and some tenderness to fix it.
    In any case, you shouldn't worry that mauch about it. Every guy can have a stage like this and then return to normal.

    • But it been like this for about 2 months. It seemed like our sex decreased around our 1 year anniversary. I went without fighting for a few days and the night I asked to do it he said he wasn't horny. Which at the time we were downstairs then we went up stairs to watch a movie. Shortly after he was snoring away ha. So he was tired that night. He still gets hard ons n when he has one I will ask if he wants to do it but he still says he is not horny. We use to do it almost every night and now it's only like once or twice a week :/

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    • No he hasn't

    • Well, there are things you can do. Depending on how comfortable you feel. You can spice things up.
      Some things are accepted to work universaly on almost every man.
      1. When he wakes up, most times than not he is horny, trust me. Just put your hand on his crotch and he should do the rest himself.
      2. Put a on p*rn movie when you two are alone. An ex of mine did that a few times in the past when i wasn't in the mood, and we did it like bunnies on viagra.
      3. Wait for him to go to the shower, and when he get's out let him ''catch'' you taking care of yourself.
      4. There are a couple of things that all men like. If he hessitates to suggest something on bed. Make him an ''Offer'' you know the two things that feminists generally don't like... Well one of these things.
      It should work. I'm sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, you got your needs and you don't have to try any of the above if you don't enjoy any of these.

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  • He likes you but is just too stressed out. You need to sit him down and have a serious talk about this. Not just say "Why won't we do it any more?". Try to make a date and have fun that day then come back and do it. I read somewhere guys tend to have the highest testosterone levels in the morning and women tend to be more active at night. That might have something to do with it.

    • I have tried talking to him but he doesn't like to talk about stuff.

    • Well tell him that's it is pissing you off and that he either deals with it or risks losing you.

    • He needs to grow up and realise he has a girlfriend who only wants one damn simple thing. Sex. Not that hard to give either.