How to greet a girl on your first date?

Ok so I met this girl through friends, but we barely have been able to talk in person the first time we met + it was in a big group while we were out on a trip with friends so there wasn't much time for it anyway.

I talked to her a little bit on Facebook and we seem to get a long. I know she's a bit more "old school" and a bit timid, but I'd like to get to know her better so I asked her out.

But I have no idea how I should GREET her at the start...
a handshake seems so formal, it's not like i want to do business...
a hug or a kiss on the cheeck might be a bit straight forward and maybe girls don't like instant physical contact, wouldn't want her to feel violated
And making something up like a special handshake or doing a dance or whatever might be a bit... weird. It could be fun, if she's into it, but if she's not well then ur pretty screwed.

So guys how do you approach this? Any "moves" you use that always guarantee success?
And girls how do you prefer to be greeted by someone you don't know on a first date?


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  • Quick hug is always a good place to start. If your on a date it is a great place to start. Let her smell you scent


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  • You walk up, grab her ass, and loudly proclaim "This is mine now!" to all who are watching. Dont they teach this anymore?

    • This seems kinda direct...
      is this how girls like it these days?

      Besides i'm more of a boob-guy... can't i just grab her tits instead?

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  • Guarantee success?

    Goddamn... there are no guarantees in life.

    Just smile walk up to her, kinda stroke her lower harm as you bring her hand into yours and tell her how excited you are to go out with her. Don't overthink it and fudge things up. Just be natural, smile and treat her respectfully at ALL times.