What does his reply mean? I'm beyond confused?

We've been talking for a few months, been on a couple of dates... Felt like we hit off, but he's so hard to read so I just asked him.. is he attracted to be in any way other than friends, just to clear anything up that I may have understood, in case he wasn't..
this was his response..

"I am attracted to you... but I do not know what it means to me. I'm confused and need to think about this more. I am deeply sorry if I am irritating, confusing and making your life complicated."

Whaaaat the hell am I suppose to be thinking right now, what does this mean... I'm so confused. I really like him, he's an amazing person.

Thoughts , opinions, any idea what I should be
aktaking from this reply? What does he need to think about?

Guys give me your thoughts, what goes on in your heads when you're attracted to a girl? What does it mean when you have to think about what it means to you? I don't understand how your thought process works, I'm so confused my head hurts


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  • I know you want guys' opinions, but I would take this as a good sign. He told you straight up that he's attracted to you, so that's positive, and he's sorry to upset or confuse you, so he's concerned about your feelings and doesn't want to needlessly hurt you. Feelings of love or lust can be confusing, especially if they are strong feelings. Give him time to figure it out.

    • That's true, I'm just so impatient. I haven't felt so attracted to someone the way I am with him, we are so likeminded. He's jusr impossibly confusing. I'm kind of worried he might actually be gay, but he isn't aware or he's in denial.

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    • Well one time I said it to him jokingly because he has funny pet hates, like he likes girls with perfect nails, he's a bit of a perectionist, and he got really deffensive when I asked. Also we haven't had sex, weve done other things. Sorry to be so direct, but I gave him head one time and he didn't. come, he kind of went soft and I stopped, and he said sorry its his fault. Unless he has erectile problems

    • Hmmm, that is odd. He might be gay.

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  • Seems like he needs to sort things out on his side. He doesn't want to bother you because he's confused himself. The question is, are you willing to wait for him to sort himself out?

  • you said you been talking for few months now, has he ever mentioned somehow that he feels not ready for a relation or told you about past relationships failures?

    • He hasn't said he isn't ready for a relationship, and he mentioned he's only had one serious girlfriend in the past which last about a year, I think that was a year or two ago.. he also said he isn't the type of guy to sleep around. He's from a cultured family, so they have strong morals. Not sure if that's relevant.

    • if you are both talking for few months so far , he should be confirmed by now what he wants and to what extend he likes you. generally Its not that complicated for a normal single guy to go-ahead towards a girl that he is so attracted to. whether to express his feelings openly or ask her out more often or tell her what is looking for. and not just being confused after few months of talking.
      You said something very important about his family, maybe he is confused if his family will like you or not. or if this relationship will be easy to be implemented in the future or will just suffer of cultural or moral restrictions. Maybe.
      Whatever the reason is, i think he has to make up his mind and get clear with himself not to waste your time and emotions.

      You should talk !

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  • Seems like he is a bit unstable, maybe low confidence? maybe something is going on in his life? all you can do is to step back and give him space, trust me if he wants to be in a relationship he will pursue it.
    You have let him know what you feel and now you just need to let him take the lead, you cannot pressure him.