I don't understand this guys intentions, he gives mixed signals and I'm so confused-help?

He initially pursed me and asked me out BUT it took him over 5 weeks to do so. So inevitably I thought he wasn't keen. Then he was extremely keen to the point even after our date.

So I thought I'd let him ask me out again which he didn't then I plucked up the courage to ask him. He blew me off so I stopped talking to him. He then text me to ask me what's up as though I'm the one who cancelled the date.

Is this guy interested? Playing games and should I move on? I'm on the fence.


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  • I'm a guy we get kinda weird sometimes. he sounds like a player I've had many friends like that. Sounds like he had another lined up! I would walk away from him.

    • I don't think he's a player he was quite shy on our date-he was more confident behind text messages. But yeah I do think I should call it quits.

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