A girl lead me on can I hav advice?

Ok so this girl I had really liked her for a long time and we used to talk so much she liked me at one point anyway we would always talk, flirt talk about bein a couple. I know it sound weird but I had a big crus on her she told me shed date me and stuff and I told her I really like her and I ask if she
Likes me and she would always I don't know lik she neveer said no or yes so I felt like there was hope that she does , then she ends up tellin me she does and this is after so much time talkin to her in my life u wasted I thought I had a chance the whole time and a even worst thing is she got a boyfriend and he didn't even hav to try that hard its so unfair , my friends tell me to get over her but I don't know why I still tallk to her , help me do I jus block her from my life , I don't know what to do but I jus be sad all the timee


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  • Ok i know what you're going through. This has happened to me too. My best recomendation is to get over her. Forget her. If its making you depressed find another girl. she's not worth it. I know you probably think she is... But she's not. Nobody is worth your tears. And the person who is won't make you cry. It will all work out in the end. She lead you on. She probably didn't realise it. Try tp find someone else. Thats my recomendation. Good luck. :)

    • Ok it will be hard I will try thanks for the advice

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