How to be a good wingwoman?

So since i dont have time and/or skills to do something with my self esteem when it comes to guys i have decided to be more active and help my bestfriend and sister to gain some more confidence when it comes to guys.
my best friend is very pretty and charming, but for some reason she doesn't have the guts to approach guys. My sister on the other hand has low self esteem and doesn't want to approach guys unless she knows they are 100 % interested, aka she doesn't approach guys unless she's very drunk.
Last time i was a wingwoman for my best friend i basicly went over the the "chosen" guy, intrudes myself and then asked if he had met my friend. I left and they starte talking. And it went very well until the guy just started acting weird, lol.
Anyway, i think i need some improvement, because i want to be able to introduce nice, cute guys to my sister and best friend. So i need help with:
- How to find out what the guys really want (are they only after sex, looking for potential dates etc)
- How to make the guys understand im not hitting on them
- How to find out if they are nice guys and if they find my sister or best friend attractive
- And how should i present myself (looks, the way i act)
Hope someone can give me som good adive :)

ps: for my sister i want someone she can date, for my best friend it doesn't really matter, she's up for one night stands anyway


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  • Thats very kind of you towards your sis and friend but I don't know if there's any "science" behind your objective here.
    No one can tell you if they're nice guys or not without actually knowing the guys in question. Nor can we know their intentions beforehand.
    Finding out if they like your friend/sis is straightforward... just ask them. Same thing goes for letting them know you're not hitting on them.
    I wouldn't worry too much about your "presentation". Just be your normal self, be nice and "not-crazy". Sure some will be put off, but others will understand and who knows, maybe your plans will work and something good will come out of it.

    • oh, pff, almost forgot
      when you approach them, make sure you're actually talking to them in person and not guy-jacking them, especially in crowded areas in front of other people, they'll probably think you're making fun of them and not respond and you'll scare them off
      had this happen to me, her friend was yelling at me from some space away in the middle of the damn market

      also, make sure you're alone when you talk to them, they won't be happy if your friends or his are within ear distance and looking bemused with whats going on (this is from another "mishap")

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