Best Friend + Drunk =Boy Problems?

I went to a party the other day with 5 other people just close friends. Everything was great lots of fun. When the night began to wind down i ended up cuddling with my best friend. We were really drunk and half asleep. We had our faces pressed up against eachother. We ended up pulling eachother really close in our sleep because it was so cold. Anyway we ended up making out. It was kinda great for me because i have always viewed him as perfect. The thing being he is in a long term relationship with a girl he really loves, and they are really good together. I also had this feeling while we were kissing that he probably thought i was her. He just talked to her on the phone before we went to bed and when your drunk and half asleep who else would you think it was. I guess i just dont know how to feel i dont even think he remembers it. In the past he has even joked about how he would never date me. So as some one crushin hard what should i do?

He has been my best friend for years we have a lot of the same courses and do a lot of the same groups after classes. Its hard i see him everyday and he means so much to me i dont know if me saying that i kinda like him is worth the risk


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  • First and foremost, you need to respect someone else's relationship. Alcohol and fatigue can really mess your mind up. Maybe subconsciously you both wanted each other and that night ended up being a perfect opportunity to "test" the waters. I think there is some chemistry there, but unfortunately, as long as he is in a relationship with someone else, you should just stay friends. I'm not sure anything needs to be said about that night. Saying anything about it would certainly cause problems with his girl friend, and that will only lead to problems to your friendship with him. For now, I would just be cool about and hopefully he breaks up with his girlfriend soon and maybe you can try to be with him.

  • Ask him his feelings for you and ask what the making out was


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