Girls , would you think and like dating me?

Girls , would you think and like dating me?
Honestly speaking i am an Nepalese guy belongs to asain
So i am Asian dude studying BBA
5feet 8 inches tall

Oh tell me if u only like me


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  • I've been to Nepal and the look of some men was crazy. I think it was due to them being a type I was not used to. I got cat called a lot for my hair (many of them had never seen it before and we went all over the country). I digress, some were attractive but at the end of the day the culture was wayyy too different to even think of going there. I'd rather just look from afar and think how pretty that person I just walked past was (which is what I did).

    • Oh really and when u went there?
      Fr how long u stayed there?
      Did u like nepal and nepelese people?

    • Last year and I was there for 3 weeks. They were very nice people, very accommodating. I had a good time there.

    • Oh really hmm
      Visit again u will love more

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  • You seem super duper looking and so macho so yes of course I will date you.

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