Is he just being nice or is he flirting? Is he even interested, or can I be making things up in my head?

I work with someone who I was instantly attracted to since the day I met him. As the days went by we had short conversations here and there during the work day, and I've grown to absolutely adore him. His smile and his presence make my heart race and put the biggest smile on my face every single time. I go home and I smile from ear to ear like a little kid and his smile is all I see. He mentions how beautiful I look on most days, and jokes around with me sometimes telling me to look him straight in the eyes and not be so shy and look away. No guy has ever looked into my eyes the way he has. Sometimes when I call him in his office he whispers to me and says "I missed you"... The amount of sexual tension can be cut with a knife, but besides what I've described above, there is NOTHING going on. I should mention I found out that he was divorced a few years ago and has kids. He still hasn't asked for my number, or asked to go out outside of work. What could be his reasoning? Is he waiting to make a move, or waiting for ME to make a move, or is he just not interested or scared?


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  • Well you didn't mention how long this has been going on. But if it hasn't been more than a few weeks maybe he's just not sure if it's a good idea because you work together. I don't know. What I do know is that he is definitely flirting, and definitely interested. Come on girl.

    • It's been about 3 months. Not sure if he's just hesitant because of his situation, or because we work together. All I know is he's on my mind 24/7 and just seeing his smile even for a minute just makes my whole day. Do I wait it out and see if he makes a move? Or take the risk and ask him if he'd like to go out for a drink sometime?

    • At this point, go for it. It's been long enough. Ask this guy out the exact way you said above. You have good intuition girl, go with it.

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