He dumped me but seems to be having a harder time! What is he thinking?

My ex dumped me. We were bestfriends for a yr but acted like a couple in all honesty. We enjoyed it the way it was and didn't really push for anything more. Finally, before I was moving further away.. he kissed me and we could no longer be just friends. I had to admit to myself that I like him and after moving away, i realised how much I want him and appreciate him in my life. When we discussed things, it became evident that he of course did not like me enough. He was always the more loving one, i was careful because I wanted us to be sure of things. When i was sure and he said he had deliberated a lot and come to the conclusion that we would never work out and there is no future for us, i let him go. I would never beg for more so I only said " you shouldn't have kissed me" since he made the move, i assumed he actually wanted to take things further. He then said he wanted to be friends, i said no and that he now belongs in my past. If he would have stayed in my life, i could never move on. So its been a month and I lost weight and looked amazing at my brother's party yday! He came too and friends said he seems lost, confused and unhappy. I on the other hand was happy, confident and moved on. He kept lingering around me while I was talking to friends and everyone said he wanted to talk to me, however I didn't notice that. Anyway, i did ask how he was doing but I didn't really want to talk nuch to him. I don't get it, he rejected me big time (many things he said).. he should be the happy one who has moved on but he was looking around for me and wanted to connect (even though he said he wouldn't date me). Of course it affected me but i tried to be normal. He hasn't msgd me either so why was he like that yesterday? Any thoughts?


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  • he could just be to ashamed to message you, because thats admitting defeat and that what he did was wrong.

    • So should I just move on then? I mean, I believe if a guy wants to message you.. he will...

    • since he isn't talking to you, you are free to move on or wait. whatever you want to do.

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