Should he be making more time for me?

I have been dating this guy for 3 months now. He started to work night shifts and now we have completely different schedules. I work a 9-5 and he works from 4-12/1 am. The only time I can see him is on the weekends. Since his shift has started I have not been able to get a lot of alone time with him. Whenever we make plans his friends are usually always there. The past two weekends that we have hung out he would have me come out and then would want to go have a boys night with his friends without me. He told me he was sorry that we didn't have a lot of alone time and that he is trying to make time for his friends and me. He continued saying that the weekends are the only time he has to see his friends also. He asked me to be patient with him and that things would change when he would stop working this shift.

I am confused by him because he has said that he loves me, introduced me to his friends as either "his love" or his girlfriend."

Do you think that its just a BS excuse to go hang out with his guy friends? Im not sure if I should be concerned that he doesn't make more time for me.


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  • He just doesn't have a lot of time, period. Neither do you. Y'all will have to make due until schedules change.

    Be glad he invites you along to things and wants you to be around his friends, otherwise he wouldn't see them.


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  • i don't think so. I think a guy needs to hang out with his guys as well. As long as he is making any time at all for you then i wouldn't be worried right now. When he completely neglects you and just hangs out with his buddies, then you may need to worry

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