Boyfriend says this girl friend is just a friend but?

I found a somewhat flirty text he sent her. The conversation started with him sending her a screenshot of her photo on Tinder (yeah busted him on there) and saying "DTF? Lol" with heart eyed emojis. She responded saying "hahahah hey! what are you doing on there! you have a girlfriend!" then she said "like what you see? hahaha jkjk okay now I have to find you on there" to where he responded "I was just window shopping!" and "ha, of course I do" then she asked how things were going with "the girlfriend" and asked how his life was going to where he said "life is awesome.." nothing about his girlfriend, me.

Later I confronted him about Tinder and some other questionable text I found in his phone. But not about the other friend. He deleted the Tinder app from his phone and said that his "girl friend" sent HIM a screenshot of his picture saying DTF because they matched on there and bc it was an inside joke they had since guys are always sending her that in messages. At the time I bought it but now its kind of lingering in the back of my mind... thoughts? I hate to bring it up but my trust with him is already a little shaky from the other text I found. Also, I know he will hate it if I bring it up again after we thought it had been resolved.


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  • He's def cheating. Im a real jealous gf so for me I don't do the "just a friend" thing. That would prolly get him in this side or rebound chick killed. He is def trying to play you do not buy that. If your gut feeling is telling you something isn't right. It isn't. Don't push it on the back of your head. Bc its clearly bothering you. Ans my question is Have you met this friend? Exactly. If you haven't met her before the relationship. Thats not just a friend. Friend with benefits. Yess. If you are gonna still be with him. Bc im not telling you what to do. Bc its up to you. Only a suggestion. Lay down some rules. If he's gonna be with you lose the girl friends or side chicks bc thats what they really are. He's just downplaying it by saying a friend. If not I would tell him go fuck the side chick then. Im pretty sure you can do better than so guy that does not value you


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  • I don't like this one bit. the sounds very immature. He shouldn't be trying to find someone els. I once had an ex like this and in the end I started to become distrustful paranoid person. That wasn't me, but I finally got rid of him and his mind games, now I'm much happier. You deserve better.

  • Oh come on now, leave this clown. He's playing you like a fiddle.