So do you think he is being genuine or should I be wary?

So on Halloween me and some friends threw a party. It was tons of fun and I say a guy friend of mine that I haven't seen since Before I moved schools. One of my girl friends recently broke up with her boyfriend and everyone was trying to hook her and my guy friend up. There was a lot of talk that he liked her but he seemed kinda indifferent about it. Ever since the party we have gotten back to talking non stop. Then we were snapchatting and he kept calling me cute but I just brushed it off because he's nice so I didn't see where it meant anything. The other day my girl friend was brought up and he asked me why I keep comparing myself to her and I told him that it is because everyone always compares me to her. To prove my point I was like for example you think her personality is broken but because she's prettier than me you like her better than me. He then confesses that he doesn't like her like that, he just didn't want to offend her and that he thinks she's full of herself. He also told me that at the party I was his first choice but he thought I was taken so he chose her second.
I don't know what to think. I like him but it kinda seems a little sketchy. I don't know if he's being serious or if he is just desperate...


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  • I think he is genuine. If you like him tell him so. Communication is key in any relationship!

    • Well. Told him. We hung out. We kissed. He hardly talks to me anymore...

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