I really have no idea what's going on with my date?

I met this guy online. We dated five times so far for about 1.5 months.
First date, drinks at around his place. We kissed while walking and on a plaza.
Second date, same week, drinks again. We kissed on the way and I went to his place and we made out a bit.
Third date, one week later. We had dinner and wine and ended up having sex at his place. It was Friday and I stayed over that night until noon the next day. He made me coffee, tea and cookies for breakfast.
Fourth date, two weeks later (we were both out of town for a couple of days). He made me dinner and we had sex at his place. I left afterwards because it was weekday.
Fifth date, 1.5 weeks later. We met in the afternoon and went to a supermarket for some biscuits. He made some afternoon tea at his place. Had sex and nap afterwards. Then he heated some prepared food for dinner (although he said he would have cooked but he was too tired).

He paid for all the drinks, dinner and etc. He asked whether I wanted to give him a bj and I said no. He licked me on our third sex tho.

At first, he texted me every day, sometimes twice every day. Saying hi and chatting. Then the texts got fewer and fewer and we now only text once every 2-3 days with short conversations. He kept saying he was very busy with his work, which I believed...

For the first three dates, he would kiss me or hold hands in public. But no more doing so for the last two dates.

Ok, I don't know what's going on between us. Does he like me or want me to be his booty call girl?


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  • You put out too easily, too early, he has taken you seriously as a result, he's gotten sex out of you, he doesn't deem you as relationship material and will probably keep you on the back burner for sex if he's going on a dry run.

    • I have the same feeling... is there any chance I can change this? Or shall I just stop and move on?

    • I don't think you can change it. The only thing you can do is cast this man aside and move on.

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  • Sounds like the BJ answer was a deal breaker for him. It is very important to some guys and not important to others. But if you are looking for your mate (the purpose of dating) then you are looking for compatibility in all areas.

    • I don't mind doing it. But I didn't want to do that too early. Is that wrong?

    • Nope, you have to do what you are comfortable with. He will have to decide whether he can live what you are comfortable with...

  • i think he changed after you had sex with him


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  • booty call.. But you should talk to him and ask him directly..

    • I wish to talk about it too... But too afraid... How should I start the conversation...

    • Ask him to see you. When you meet talk about the time you started dating and now what's going on and tell him you don;t understand his behaviour..

  • Guys generally text a lot when they are in the phase of trying to woo you. Don't jump to conclusions that he's not into you, just take it slowly may be this is his natural behavior and whatever he was doing earlier was just something to impress you.

    • How to take it slowly at this stage? I mean if he doesn't text or call, I don't have any way to take it slowly...

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    • I almost never initiated texts. Only a couple of times...
      I guess he would just say he was too busy and stuff...

    • Well chances are that the sex ruined it. But there's always a chance he comes back to you so till then you should keep your options open and date other people.

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