Girls help I constantly think about this girl I like and I can't get her out my head awake or asleep what should I do?

This girl I like is just always on my mind and when I'm with her I can't cope properly when I sleep I dream of her and when I'm awake she is just always on my mind.. am I in love?


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  • can't say whether you are in love or not, it depends on how long you've known her and how well you know her. but you are definitely infatuated with her, you like her for sure. talk to her! if you can't in person, get comfortable by talking to her through texting or Facebook messaging first. just show her you're interested first! that's the first step

    • Well with that it's that I do know her really well

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    • Ok thank you

    • you're welcome :)

  • yes if she is always on your mind. I have a similar problem trouble was we met On-line and now he ignores me , so I am trying to forget him.


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