How do I overcome my messed up trust issues and my fear of failure?

So I used to date this guy and well... He broke my heart. It was really bad- he was the sweetest guy and i thought he adored me, but then guess what? He cheated on me. Yep. Took me a while to get over it but somehow i did. Now i just have these trust issues. Like every time i see a cute guy i dont go up to him and flirt like i usually did. I just think there's no point because he's euther not dating material or he's gonna cheat on me if we do end up dating. So I've missed out many opportunities where guys tried to flirt with me and i flat out ignored them cause of what i mentioned above.
How do i overcome this issue?


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  • You need to know there are guys out there that don't cheat, I am one of them. Most relationships aren't successful. If they were everyone would be married to the first person they ever dated. Its better to find out he's scum now instead of later.


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  • Understanding just because one guy cheated on you doesn't mean all guy's are cheaters. time always is your best friend, don't rush any relationship, take it slow relax and live again. pain can teach us if we allow. possibilities are endless just don't give up on finding true love its there.

  • You guy is out there somewhere. Don't give up! You keep passing guys up and you could pass up "your" guy! Then you'd turn into the lonely old cat lady! :)


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