Any advice on how not to be single?

Cause I'm 23 not quite sure what I'm doing wrong but I'm single and girls always see much as too nice and a good friend nothing more with that being said I question if I will ever get a girlfriend cause that's just how I am


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  • Get a girlfriend.


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  • Get really drunk go to a club, or something and then you'll probably wake up with someone in your bed. Then from there be like hey want to go out?


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  • Women don't want a little pansy for a boyfriend. When women look at men, they either see friend or lover material... or they just don't like you.

    Friend = nice, friendly, dependable, willing to do anything for them.
    That is where you probably fit in.

    Lover = provider, protector, problem solver, supporter, assertive.

    Men do not think like women. Men and women want very different things in a mate.
    Men are obviously rank physical attraction more highly than women. We also want our women to be nice, friendly, affectionate and sexy. Those are quite shallow properties but that's how it's been since the dawn of mankind.

    Women don't care if you're not hot. As long as you're not ugly.
    Women need to know that you'll protect them from danger.
    When there's a problem, whether it's a spider in the kitchen - or financial problems - or career problems... you know how to fix it.
    They also look at assertiveness and confidence. If you're too nice, you appear like a pushover who gets walked over by others. That's not a quality that a man or a woman wants.
    Can you walk into a room of important people and speak your mind confidently? Or do you cower in a corner when there's a crowd of people.
    Lastly, and perhaps the most important feature is that you need to make them laugh every day.
    If being with you is just like another day at the office, you're out of luck.

    The times I've been with younger hot girls, I'll admit I followed them around like a puppy and did whatever they wanted. Those relationships didn't last more than a year or two.
    The relationships where I spent less time being "nice and friendly" to them, and simply focusing on life and career, the relationships lasted up to 3-7 years.

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