Guys- are you ever afraid to text a girl you like?

This guy acts as if he likes me in person- hugs me, puts his arms around me, calls me honey, sweetie, darling etc, gives me massages, and basically flirts with me. He doesn't do this with other girls that I have noticed. He always seems interested in whatever I have to say and remembers it the next time I see him. But he rarely texts me back and NEVER texts me first. I know he answered our mutual female friend's text about us all going out one night and he usually answers other people's texts. So- is does he actually like me and is just afraid to text me for some reason, or is he just leading me on in person and not texting me because he's not interested?


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  • Yeah I'm kinda the same way...Reasons why:

    1) We don't know what you're doing, and don't want to bother you

    2) We don't want to seem to desperate or too head over heels.

    3) Texting is not really personal, and its very difficult to carry conversations. If we text you, we don't want to have bland convo. because you'll think that we're a bland person in real life.

    Those are my main reasons haha hope it helps you out.

    • Ok, well I can kind of see where you're coming from. Is there any way a girl can make you feel more comfortable texting her?

    • Um lol, when you see them ask them why they never text so much. When you're leaving, tell them to text you later that night...that kinda stuff. And don't be afraid to text him too, we guys don't always like to be the first to start conversations sometimes.

    • Thanks!

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