Is my boyfriend too overprotective?

The relationship is going great, and I'm having lots of fun but there is one thing.

He loves to make sure that I'm always dressed warmly. Which is sweet but can sometimes be too much. For example, he really wants me to wear thermals before I leave the house, like long johns top and bottom.

Is this overprotective or am I worrying for nothing?


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  • Lol depends what the weather is like i suppose, if your tring to leave the house in daiseys and its -20 then yes but its possible he's just trying to go to the extreme to show you he cares, you just have to tell him that you think its cute that he cares about you staying warm but you feel way overdressed and too warm, simple.

  • Sounds like he might be possessive.

    • Or he loves her wearing thermals... I've got this fetish, too...

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