Why do most fat guys only ask out fat women on dates?

Also, I notice so many fat people are in relationships with each other.


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  • They either assume the skinny one won't like them or they are worried dating somebody more attractive than them will cause them to get dumped and cheated on.

  • I've never really seen this, all the 'fat' people I've ever been friends with are all conceded as fuck and are huge flirts. I've even been asked out (I'd consider myself skinny since I weigh 112 pounds) a couple of times by heavier set guys, and I've even said yes to a few.
    But I guess if it was a situation like that, idk, maybe they aren't shallow & actually like the girl?

  • Very few people are interested in fat people. People want healthy slim people.
    Im average and my boyfriend is considered fat. Id rather him be slim but he's worth it!


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