How should I handle this? He is to scared to talk to me?

Okay so this guy Reece likes me a lot and I like him just not as much. None of my friends like him they all think he's really ugly, but I still wanna go out with him. He is really shy and his friend Zach tells me he is scared to talk to me so he doesn't. So how do I get him to talk to me bc I wanna be his gf, he is really sweet, but isn't the best looking guy. Zach told me he is mostly scared to talk to me in front of my friends, bc he thinks there gonna be mean about it. He's not super cute but I really don't care what he looks like I like his personality, so any advice would really help?

I also found out today that he wants to ask me out. He told my friend that he wants it to just be me and him alone when he does it, so I have been trying to get near him away from my friends. I plan on saying yes if he asks me. So do u guys think this could work out? He is still very nnervous around me, but I'm gonna try and talk to him a little more.


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  • I can help on this! (being both ugly and shy :D) so the best thing to do is find out what he likes and meet him in his element. If he is an artist a studio, musician a concert.. ect. Here he will be much more open and less nervous. The other thing is compliment him! this will ease tension, don't compliment his looks if he doesn't have them he will know you don't mean it, compliment his shirt, view points, ideas, ect.. If you want to test him a little ask him to do a favor, like sending an email, most likely you'll get back a massive email that had hours of work poured into it. This can lead into conversation and thanks. Hope that helped some...


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  • You ask him out, or figure out a way to get near him when your friends aren't by you. Have zach give you his number, give zach your number to give to him

    • Well I don't wanna ask him out cause I don'twant yo pressure hhome since he's really nervous.

    • I've been that nervous kid before! Still am with some girls but if you ask me out it kinda takes the pressure off me. I may still be a little nervous or afraid to say yes right away but then I might get the courage to ask you out. Or say yes if I had told you I'll think about it.

      If he says I'll think about and or stumbles through his answer don't be upset or disappointed he is just scared outta his mind

    • Haha OK thanks! I'll try and be calm and patient since I know how scared he is gonna be.

  • Compliments help alot!


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