How do I get close to her?

So I'm a junior in high school. And I like a freshman girl. I've come to terms with the age difference already, but can't get anywhere past that. I have a class with her, and we are flirty, but I only really see her there. And if I do see her elsewhere, it still isn't private at all. So I'm asking, how do I get close to her, to possibly start a relationship?


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  • Start talking to her out of class. Get to know her friends and start to hang out with her more. After awhile like a week or two after you're comfortable around her friends and you think she likes you ask for her number. Start texting her and still hanging out with her in person. Then get a group of friends to go somewhere and ask her to come along with you. If she goes see how that turns out then ask her to go somewhere like on a date with just the two of you. Then you should be good from there!


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