What does this mean coming from a guy?

when a guy says"when you meet the right woman she can stop the rage and pain" but as a caption of the picture he says "whats the point if she can't better who you are". basically is a guy saying you ain't shit


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  • This means that he is trying to be poetic and philosophical, but is ultimately failing epically with a combination of poor word choice and bad grammar.

  • Isn't that the point of being with someone? To accept them with all their flaws and still want to be with them? So why would you want to be with someone that you want to make you a better person? Sounds like he needs to focus on himself and better his life before finding anyone to be with and stop with this immature bullshit

    • can you sum that up for me? i got confused because he posted the quote saying that and added the caption if she can't better you whats the purpose.. i get confused when a guy talk lol

    • No prob. He's being immature. You wouldn't want to be intimately involved with a guy like that

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