Girls -- I told my coworker I'm super into her with a poem, she is still with her boyfriend. Now what?

We have this incredible connection - and I don't want to lose her or ruin it.

What should I do moving forward? Should I just pretend it never happened? Should I be available or distant?

Is it better to just try and keep that positive vibe going that drew us close in the first place?

Any help is appreciated.

Background: there have been signals and ridiculous flirtations for the last several weeks. I wouldn't have made a move if I didn't think it was mutual.


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    Bruh, what did you expect to happen?

    • Not helpful.

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    • Thanks for MHO even though I laughed at you initially

    • You turned it around =) Thanks for taking me seriously - I still really care about this girl and we'll see what the future brings.

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  • She is not only a 'Coworker,' sweetie, but with someone else that I doubt she will dump tomorrow or anytime soon. She finds things in You that are lacking in the other half and with This----She is having her sweet cake and eating it too here.
    Don't wear your heart so much on your sleeve. You could very well end up a broken cupid when all is said and done. And having to work with her every day, it could become awkward with what could also Become a Triangle Threesome. This is where you are at the very tip, looking down, from side to side at the both of them.
    Keep it lite and semi sweet for now. Yes, she probably is infatuated with all your sweet somethings that You are throwing in her ear.
    However, after hours when the doors close and everyone leaves, she will be going home to him... not you.
    Good luck. xx

  • I don't think it's going anywhere fast my dear. You shouldn't have over stepped the mark no matter what signals you were getting. She has a boyfriend, don't write her poems. When/if she ends things with him then make a move, but until then drop it.

    • Thank you; makes sense.

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  • You back the fuck off because she has a boyfriend.

    • They're not engaged, fair game. Not helpful.

    • "Fair game"? You're an asshole. If they're in an exclusive/serious relationship, you don't go after her. If that situation changes, then maybe. You think she's amazing and shit, but all that effort could be better spent on someone you have an actual chance of getting with any time soon.

  • If she's still with her boyfriend, she's not that into you.

  • Poem ack cheesy and creepy as hell don't be a stalker

    • Actually, she loved it. But I didn't get to her first, so there it is.

    • Fair point