I think my bf fakes his asthma?

Ok I know he has it because he gets inhalers but I honestly think sometimes he puts it on just to get attention, like all day he's been having trouble breathing and last night but all he keeps doing is trying to have sex with me then when I refuse he just goes on about how sore he is and that.. Surely someone having an asthma attack sex would b the last thing on their minds? I've told him time and time again to go hospital to be put on a nebuliser when his inhalers don't work and he refuses to go he just wants cuddles or something until it goes away BUT I already have a 17 month old who already needs my constant attention and I don't see why I should put my son second and him first.. If I don't give him attention he just says oh well at least my ex knew how to make it better and I usually just say go fuck yourself and go back to her Nd tell him the why would I give him any sort of attention if he's going to say that! I honestly think sometimes he puts in on and pretends it's worse than it is and by the way my son is not his


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  • I have asthma. if I was truly having breathing issues I would have little concern or thought for sex. but really you should be able to tell if he has asthma beyond just having the inhaler. is he having trouble breathing? labored breathing? wheezing? coughing (to try and open up air passages)?

    perhaps because of the attention you give your little one he seeks ways to get your attention and has found that this is an effective way. I think when he is going through this you should tell him. if you are having trouble breathing sex won't help. you need to relax and not put any strain on your body... that argument should be able to shut down any push for sex since it shows that you are concerned about his health and want him to take care of it


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  • You sound uncaring and bitchy and he sounds pathetic and childish.
    Y'all rock.

    • Not uncaring or bitchy at all thanks it's not my fault I'm a normal parent who puts their children first

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    • I agree with rthomas. And He never said to put your bf first.

    • Oops, you're*

  • Why is he with you in the first place is the question...

  • I have asthma and when you are struggling to breathe you only act one way, like you can't breathe.
    Usually an inhaler will be all I need but sometimes you need to go to the hospital and get a shot of adrenaline and or breathing treatments


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  • If it's not a full blown attack, it's fine to just wait it out or take your inhaler. I have days where I can breath well all day, and some other days where a genuine attack happens where I really really can't breath and no air is coming, those are the ones you need to go get a nebulizer for. You don't need to run off to hospital with every difficulty with asthma though, especially if you've learnt to control it and deal with it.
    If it's minor breathing issues, sex is still fine, if you're struggling to catch a breath alot, sex isn't fine, if you really can't breath it's hospital time.

    Either way, he sounds like a dick and you have the right response when he says about his ex. You can also tell him your exes weren't so needy and you loved that and that they knew you so well they knew when you needed space and you miss that.

    • Thank you for your info I don't know many people with asthma so I've never had to deal with someone with it he try a to wait it out but he really insists that I'm the only one who will make it better and it's hard at times because it feels like I'm dealing with 2 children and he's needier than my son lol nd Yeh I probably should say that lol! Don't know why he needs to bring her into it but obviously she had more time for him she had no job or any children to look after she focused all her attention on him lol

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    • This Anon gives good advice :)
      She says what I try to say, but in a way nicer way. Lol

    • Why, thank you rthomas