Guys what would this mean?

So me and my guy friend who I was seeing for a couple of months ended things twice with me. Both times he came back the first time it took 4 days the second time it took 2 weeks. While talking to one of his best friends he said 'sometimes people fight what they don't understand.' He didn't actually reference it too his friend but it was obvious as we was on the subject.

His friends seem to want us to get together, his best mate actually said he was an idiot if he let me go. What did his friend mean by that comment?


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  • What are his reasoning for leaving?

    • The first time we got back together he said he didn't mean what he said the reasons why we broke up. It was mainly due to the fact that he's scared of getting hurt again and that I'm the first girl in a real long time he actually likes so he just pushes me away. His excuses were normally that one moment he likes me the next he doesn't. Or that he doesn't see us having a future etc

    • How many times do you intend to let him keep doing that to you?

    • I didn't make it easy for him to come back. I just want to know what his friend meant by it

  • Move on and lose him!


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