Any advice? He says he likes me but shows different?

Ok I been talking to this guy few weeks. We had a fallout and I wasn't sure where we stood so I told him I still wanted to talk. Few hours later he responded that he wanted to still talk too. Then we texted back and forth a little bit. Then mid conversation he went MIA which is fine. 2 days past and I didn't contact him then yesterday I got a text saying "so I guess you don't wanna talk to me anymore?" And I text back after sometime later sayin that I been told him I still wanted to talk to him and he was like "oh I just haven't heard from you." Anyway we were texting and once again he never responded to my last text (which I didn't ask him any questions but he could have least responded w/ something like 'ok ttyt') So my question is whats up with this behavior? He seems to wanna talk to me but rarely shows it. I even disappeared a few days and he assumed I didn't wanna talk to him anymore. I would initiate a conversation with a text but I feel like I'm the girl and he's the boy so why do I have to chase him especially when he never responded back to my last text? If he says he wants to talk to me, how come he doesn't show it? Should I call him out saying his actions aren't lining up with his words or play it cool? Any advice be great.


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  • are the conversations dying and losing all of its momentum? or just being pit stopped right during? it seems like he wants you to initiate contact with him more. you don't always have to "follow tradition" and let the boy chase. if you want something then go for it. whats wrong with that.

    • ok well. i texted him so we'll see. If he. texts. back something mudane or not at all im dropping him lol thanks!

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