Ladies... what are your thoughts on a guy who asks you out more than once?

pretty simple...
is it annoying? can it be sweet? does it change how you see the guy? is he now 'that guy'? deal breaker? any chance it goes differently this time? Is there any way to ask someone out again without making an embarrassing ass of yourself? or is it just a risk you need to be willing to take?

spoiler alert... im the guy. i asked her out a few months ago, she even said yes, but later cancelled saying she was still getting over a recent break up and it was just bad timing for her. we've remained fairly friendly since then.
i still like her. i want to ask her out again, but feel absolutely ridiculous doing so. is it all in my head? or is this a really bad idea?


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  • In that situation I think it's okay to ask her out again. If she says no again, cut your losses.


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