When a man loves a woman?

what goes through your heart, minds guys.. what makes you realize you love a girl? what your gut tells you?
how you spot love against attraction.. emotions you might feel that loves bring to your heart or emotions that appear that make you realize you in love.

what special feeling you have towards the girl your love and make her number one among other girls etc.


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  • When I spend my time that I'm not with her wishing I was with her, that's how I know it's love vs. lust.


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  • "what goes through your heart, minds guys" - she does. She crawls into my body, takes over my heart and mind, and never leaves. She is using my body to live this life, as I use hers. Everything she thinks is on my mind, everything she feels is in my heart, and everything about 'me' automatically becomes 'we'


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