Why would a guy suddenly become less eager to talk?

Hr used to text more and call every night.
We have been together for only a few weeks.

I was not really interested in him first, but he kept chasing me. Now I like him a bit- and he only texts good morning and how ate you. I initiate sometimes but I feel his interest is not strong as it was.

Why do you think he talks less?

Any ideas? :)


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  • it could be that now he has you, there isn't anything for him to work towards to now. thats a problem. talk to him about this.

    • I told him why he is not communicating as usual and if there is anything and he said 'why there should be anything wrong?


    • yeah its because he doesn't have to work for you anymore. you need to tell him that it makes you worried that he isn't talking as much.

    • I decided to just dump him. We are still early in the relationship. If he starts playing games with me or he wants me to chase him now I definitely won't!

      I didn't really planned to go out with him after date 1, I just felt we are not suitable. It's just I got used to talking to him.

      Thanks girl:)

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