When a guy does not contact you in a week or more does that mean he is not interested? Or is he just busy? Please give me a guy perspective/exper?

Could he be really busy with doing things like working, sleeping, eating, gym, family, sick... He told me to call him I did contact him a lot (like 4 or 5 times) because he wanted me too/ I am not a clingy person I like my independence too. Then I stopped because I think that contact should be a two way street... right? So now here I am waiting to see what happens. It doesn't bother me really ( I am busy and past we talked every couple of weeks like 2 or days) but I don't know if I made the right move. Does this mean he has no interest in me anymore.

Background: He is 29 I am 21. He just moved to the U. S and is a pro-athlete from a different country. He is still learning English but communicates well. Really sweet guy very respectful. We known each other for a long time. He is currently in a different state but I will be seeing him soon. I honestly do not expect a lot because I know he may be working or under a lot of pressure... we talked about being together.. I don't know what else to do then go with the flow and bother him less.

But please give me some advice I would really appreciate it thank you. I know its straight forward but Its always good to hear others opinions.


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  • I would say it means he is not that into you. Im very busy myself. I work 60+ hours a week and have hobbies and spend some time with friends. But sending a text only takes 30 seconds. If I am interested in a girl I contact her at least every other day.

    • I don't know if this has anything to deal with it but he is a pro athlete, just moved to the U. S. so he is still getting used to the culture and language. Last time I talked to him he seemed frustrated but he gets back to me right away if I contact him. And last but not least I am visiting him in a couple of months... maybe its best to be friends instead no b/c of distance and all that. Again thank you for your time.

    • sorry yeah I'm a little in denial. But your comment is what I needed to hear most. Thank you so much.

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  • The main reason is because he's busy, if he goes school or has a job he will be tied up with it, dont be offended by it


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  • I was in a similar situation, also with an athlete living far away. At first he answered immediately, then suddenly it took him four days. I know he was in a trainingcamp, but still...
    I think, even then, if he would be honestly interested he would try harder. A text doesn't take much time.
    He is also considerably older than you and living far away, trying to settle into his new life. Perhaps, he likes you, but he is also being realistic about it.
    I think its good that you go and see him without much anticipation and then see what happens.

    • The pluse side is I am moving down there. The bad part I can't until I finish college (1yr and a half) and hopefully get accepted to where he lives which is my schools first choice for pt school. ( I am not going there because of him soley). But yeah you hit it on point. Thank you so much. But yeah he is probably trying to get settled and all of that. But who knows what happens in the future. lol some people marry there best friends lol. Thanks again.

    • if nothing works then friendship always is the best too ^_^

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