What could he meant by texting me back oh hush? A little confused?

So me and my bf have been together for 11 months now and back in March I told him he was going to fall in love with me and a couple days ago I texted him "remember when back in like march when I came over for the wknd and I told you you were going to fall in love with me?" And he replied "oh hush" and quickly changed the subject. So what could he meant by that? That he really did fall in love with me?

Oh and he does tell me all the time that he sees us on the long haul and his feelings are strong and how he feels about me and my daughter and that he wants to be a part of our lives and I make him a better person.


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  • Read my comment on @BertMacklinFBI 's opinion then add this,
    you guys aren't even up to a year yet. starting to talk about being in love is like hitting the FWD button on a remote control, you are bound to miss a few things. Yes, he brought it up, it was just to make you comfortable. THEN you reminded him 8 months later... he had to sidestep. I am in no way saying he doesn't like you or your daughter, I'm saying, its still too early to make that particular step. its one thing for a guy to bring it up.. we know that you know we are bluffing anyways.. but when a girl does... thats not bluffing, thats serious.

  • it sounds kinda playful. maybe he wants to lead it onto something big but he wants to be the one who surprises you and gets the first word in. you know how guys are :D

    • ohh pbbblt.. come on Bert, that was a side step and you Know it. he was avoiding the subject. she brought up something from 8 months ago!! I'd side step too. like "whoa, you remember that?"

    • @Tdieseler oh that was from 8 months ago, i missed that hahaa.

    • tsk tsk... lol...

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