She's busy a lot and doesn't seem to like texting much.. How often should I initiate?

I've been texting this girl I met through online dating for over a month and she goes to school where I go but I'm an upper classman and live off campus and she lives in the dorms and is pre med and busy with that so I've only actually seen her once at a party. She said she'd love to see me again but has been really busy the past two weeks so we haven't been able to do anything. This Friday though she said she will most likely be able to do something. The thing is I like to stay in contact so she doesn't forget about me I guess since we never see each other but she never initiates and it seems if I don't keep asking direct questions she doesn't reply. When she does reply most of the time she seems interested still though which is why I haven't given up (she's said I'm really cute, adorable, awesome, uses smileys, lols, occasionally asks questions back). How often should I check in? I want to keep in contact but I also don't want to seem needy but only seeing her once a month isn't really ideal for me but I tend to be needy. Currently I contact her at the least every other day but should I be waiting longer?


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  • Pre-Med can get pretty tough and the study hours are long. It doesn't sound like she's not interested just bad timing. I had a guy who thought i was cute ask me for my number and he would be my alarm clock! So annoying! The thought I admit was sweet but it drove me crazy because he would wake me up with a text before the crack of dawn since he was on the basketball team. Thats not what drove me away, but the fact he already had a girlfriend, yeah - no. Anyway Don't be too needy your text timing sounds great (every other day) but most of my friends complain that the guy does not initiate the conversation. Don't be too chatty but on her time off and yours get to know each other more and then see if you can't ask her and when she does offer to pick her up. :D

  • Nope man and if you're doing that and she's ignoring she's definitely not interested and tbh probably laughs or get annoyed every time you text her uhhh man I feel so bad for bro

    • She doesn't ignore me just doesn't seem to continue small talk usually unless its something funny or I ask a question but I'd say that's understandable especially if she's busy a lot.

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