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So say you got your heartbroken really bad by your ex girlfriend but you still have feelings for her and think about her.
You get with a new girl after you dump your girlfriend because you want to move on.
Your new girlfriend treats you ten times better and makes you happier but your feelings for your ex and still down there because you had a strong connection with her but she broke your heart and you want to move on.
Will having a new girlfriend who has similar qualities but treats you ten times better help move on. I mean you just got out of a deep relationship with your ex. Won't that be an overload for your heart. Loving a new girl all over again, and creating new memories. And also will you miss your ex?


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  • Yeah, becoming involved in a serious relationship will help one to move on. Anything that occupies the mind, so as not to allow the heart-breaker's memories to linger around. The worst thing for the 'Dumpee' to do, is to keep thinking about the 'Dumper.' Because all the 'Dumpee' remembers, are the good times, and not the horror felt when they were dumped. I think up until your mid to late 20s, people can stay hung up on exes. But eventually, you learn that its hard to like someone, who not only doesn't like you anymore, but who also cared so little about you, they dumped your ass. Remember, its almost always the 'Dumper' who gets hung up on the 'Dumpee".

  • It could help move on but it's mot healthy nor is it fair to the new girl since he hasn't properly healed


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