How do I avoid a guy who likes me? I like him, but he's not right for me?

Pretty soon I'm going to return to my town after a three month-long service trip. A guy lives there who I used to have a "thing" with but not properly so. In fact he was the guy who convinced me to stray the furthest from my convictions about sexual purity. So he's persuasive and magnetic.

I'm afraid that, if he is still interested in me (which there is strong indication to believe), when I return I won't be able to resist, I don't want that, but a part of me does.

So how do I avoid him? There are certain involvements and commitments I have that mean we will run into each other; how do I keep my mental distance?


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  • Avoid going places where he'll be without letting other people know what you're doing. If you have to be in the same place as him, try to make sure you're not alone with him. Put your foot down if he starts trying to talk to you again, and always keep accountability with someone you trust so it's not just your perspective involved when you decide how to respond to any potential communication he makes towards you.


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