My horrble ex girlfriend?

today i was walking home from school with my friend declan and i was talking about this girl i really lke and how we were talking last night now suddenly my ex from like 6 months ago pops up and joins in on the conversation about molly even though she knows i dont want anything to do with her. so i couldnt be like fuck off because she's friends with molly (the girl i like) but she kept walking beside us and it was extremly frustrating... what does this mean...(girls to answer)


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  • she's trying to get in the way of you finding happieness becaouse she is probably lonley without you or just pissed off you could have a better chance at happenise that she can. She Is Just Jealous. Dont let her get in the way of you moving on with someone (im guessing) is 20x better than her.

    • the thing is with her though is sh constantly talked about hooking up with her ex when we were going out and when i said to her we can break up and be friends or have an argument she argued

      but there was another thing were my birthday is 2nd November and on Halloween i was kissing some1 and my friend posted a pic of it on fb an then for the next two days she kept talking about other people and how i was fucking disgusting for doing that and then was like your such a cunt for having that pic on fb

      is there anywy i can get rid of her

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