Girl I'm interested in is best friends with her ex husband... Should I be concerned?

There is this girl I am interested in and we have been talking and flirting around. she keeps telling me her and ex husband are still friends but only divorced a year ago and I was planned on asking her out to a festival and when I asked her what her plans were for the weekend she said she was going to the festival with her ex... So I didn't even bring it up that I wanted to take her but I have a feeling they are FWB... Should I just move on?


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  • Do you know if they have kids? You should ask her why they got divorced in the first place (just out of curiosity) When she gives her reason no matter what it is ask do you still love him? Now don't try to focus all your energy on the two of them make it about you and her. I noticed when this is done they have feeling come up again that they forgot and want the ex back. Explain to her that you like and ask her out. DONT GIVE UP! But i understand you doubt under stand the situation before addressing it remember that.

    • No kids.. That's why I'm concerned. The reason for the divorce I haven't found out yet...

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    • Last time I dated a woman who was friends with her ex she ended up cheating on me with him...

    • Ouch! Well that i might be something you should learn from. If you feel she's not into you or ready to move on that might be your answer.

  • A tricky one.. although divorced they still spend time together as friends? They maybe having sex or maybe not. Only them 2 will know that. Either way one could still be harbouring feelings and do you want to get involved with that? Depends if your involved with them both and close to her ex.. as if they are having sex she would probably keep you away from their relationship. Good luck with your decision. Me personally I would leave it.. if your asking the question. . Already a reasonable amount of doubt there.

    • I haven't met him. She moved here last year from another state after the divorce. He then later moved here a few months after she moved... and that's when I first got concerned like why did he move here? Recently she got a new place and I offered to help her move and she said no... Guess what the ex helped her move... Sometimes when I call or text she will ignore me and I think it's because she was w her ex... She won't tell me if they are trying to work it out or they messing around she just said they are good friends :/

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