So I was trying to write this girl an email but now not sure about idea?

i hadn't seen her for a couple months and only just meet her during the summer , we sort of had a connection and were friends for a bit and talked. but she's off doing whatever and doesn't seem to interested. I don't think it would hurt to try and email her and see if I hear back but not really sure about idea. I've found in past some girls have hated getting emails from me and not sure if that's right route to take.

any thoughs should I message her anyways or just forgot about it for time being


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  • If you have a feeling that she isn't interested then maybe don't waste your time. Otherwise send a friendly email, keep it short. Only ask a few questions or how you are. If a girl is interested she will reply, no doubt. Otherwise leave it alone. Just send 1 email only unless ahe replies.

    • I'm not really sure if she's interested or not as I haven't seen her for a bit and not really sure what she's up to. our last time I saw her she was busy and it wasn't clear how she felt , I haven't really messaged her before so not sure how she react to it

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