First he was interested now seems like he isn't?

So Im crushing on this guy. Like hardcore crushing so first he would send me little looks or stare at me, send me smiles, would try and stand next to me etc; But now he seems like he isn't interested anymore and its driving me insane because I have no idea how to respond or what to do. PLEASE HELP. Like now he just seems to be sooo not into me and I'm just idk. And I followed him on Twitter yesterday and now he's acting all weird and won't even glance my way. Did I come off too strong or desperate? Please help guys


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  • He probably is trying to hide that he likes you. You can guarantee that by finding out if one of his friends said something to him about liking you. Good luck.

    • Thanks. I kind figured because him and his friends always stare at me during gym and I don't know why

    • I catch myself staring at girls during stretches at gym.

  • Yep! Ignore him for a while.


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