Is it a bad sign if your crush doesn't respond to your text?

So I invited my crush to a group thing (mind you, he always comes and responds whenever I invite him and he isl ike 45 mins away)

I sent this to a crush
"How are my three gorgeous little minions (I pretended that I sent it to more than one person) We have lifegroup this Wednesday at Barbosh at Knox Ozone at 7.30 this wednesday. Would love to see you all. Have a fantastic week, Cheers "

I sent this yesterday at 10 am. He STILL hasn't responded.

Bad sign? I would really like your advice please :(


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  • yup! the world is coming to an end! better stock up on canned goods. but seriously tho... suck it up and ask him out, on a DATE... and don't bring other people (like how you pretend to group text). lol. it's better than playing "he likes me, he likes me not". who knows, maybe he likes you too.


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  • It's too general, it might be that the text includes other people and isn't a direct connection with him. Be a bit more direct.

    • So if you like the girl back, would you respond?

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    • There you go :(

    • But it depends on the text, so not all hope is lost. Personally, I've received "general" messages from girls before and even if I liked them I wouldn't reply because I don't think she's talking to me. If she directly messaged me, then yes I would reply.

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