The friend zone or not?

I dated this girl for like 2 weeks, she said she liked me but just wanted to be friends. Thing is she will come over sometimes and she is all over me, plays footsie, wants to hold my hand, and she is always calling and texting me. Im wondering if I have a chance or if its the friend zone.


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  • If she said she just wants to be friends she is probably just lonely and wants to feel loved. If you are confused about what is going on I would ask her or just wait. If she wants a relationship the ball is in her court after telling you she just wants to be friends.

  • it sounds like she just like the idea of what people do when there dating but does not want the commitment. She likes acting like your dating but won't put a label on it. So no your not being friend-zoned (cause that would mean flat out rejecting you) but she also won't call you guys an item so its complicated you have to talk with her straight up to get the real answer. Every girl is different. But don't give up hope if she flirts with you, you still could have a chance!


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