Does he like me or does he not? I NEED HELP?

I been talking to this guy at school for like a couple weeks. When I'm with him, he's sweet. He has hugged me before, put his arm around me, and let's me place my head on his shoulder.
When we aren't together, he always wants me to come over to his house. He's all like: please come over! I'm so lonely here at home! He has also asked me to come over to cuddle with him.
When we text, he will sometimes reply very fast and sometimes reply super slow. It depends if he's playing video games.
We talk on the phone a lot, he calls me at random too. He calls me darling, hun, and sweetheart.
But I'm scared that he likes another girl becaus he asked me about this girl from school. When I asked him about her more, he quickly changed the subject. Is it because he doesn't like me or what's wrong? Does he like me in the first place?


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What Guys Said 1

  • ask him about the girl he asked you about, see if he likes her if not then hang out with him, get to know him and do what your heart tells you to do.

    • I tried asking him about her again, but he always seem to avoid it.

    • maybe he does like her but keep trying to earn his affections and hope for the best, i'll be rooting for you.

    • Thank you. I will try to win him over!

What Girls Said 1

  • the more important question at the moment is "do YOU like HIM?" that is very important because if you don't like him in that way, you shouldn't make yourself worry about this so much. if you know for sure that you like him that way, ask him to be honest with you and tell him to explain why he asks about the other girl despite every other sign he has shown of liking you. he will probably try to avoid the question, but tell him you treat him as a good friend (or you like him that way) and that you really hope he can be honest to you about this and tell him how much this has been on your mind. if you want to get honest answers from him, you have to be completely honest first as well. from what you've told us, i would say he likes you, but because the other girl is in the picture, it is important for you to confront him about this