The best way to get a girlfriend?

what do u think is the best way to get a girlfriend even though i've had one before it just been a long time so i'm just a bit rusty.


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  • Parks or main attractions have large amounts of young women. For example the board walk over in Santa monica beach california has countless always walking, sitting around or laying on the beach. I'd say that's the perfect environment to find someone you're interested instead of your typical bar girl or party chick you find. Those usually never last long anyway.

    College campuses are almost a guarentee to find girls all over. Libraries aren't exactly your ideal social environment but you can definitely catch a great convo with a girl who's sitting alone.

  • Go out to a park, have a book or a dog with you and have a real conversation with a girl where you flirt a bit. Get her # at the end

    • i would but the town i live n dosent have a park

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    • i'm sorry, u can't help here i live and what i do

    • Walk around and talk to the first girl you find attractive. Be nice and charming :)