Does my boy bestfriend really like me or is he just playing me?

i asked a question simlar to this about my boy bestfriend i told him how i liked him thanks to someone here encourgring me to tell him we started a friends with benefits 2 says ago after he told me he wanted to kiss me 2 weeks after we're we played T or d and were forced to lip lock. he has a girlfriend and said he'll dub her for me. we called eachother baby or babe and i think we're progrossing into a realtionship , though no one knows i know he's a player and im one to.. but for once i really like him and i dont know if we'll be that 13 going on 30 love or a maywhether love


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  • you have to be 15 give or take. maybe take. don't worry about this. there is no playing going on. he has a gf, respect that and back off.


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